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DD Roasters - OnlyCocoa (Dark Cocoa with Cinnamon and Cayenne)

DD Roasters - OnlyCocoa (Dark Cocoa with Cinnamon and Cayenne)

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This isn't just your grandmother’s cocoa. Picture the most indulgent dark cocoa you've ever encountered, the kind that feels so sinfully good, your conscience might just ghost you. But don't get too comfortable, we're only just getting started.

Infused into this luscious brew is a dash of cinnamon, adding a touch of sultry allure that will glide across your palate like a velvet whisper. But the pièce de résistance ... the cayenne. The spicy kick that's going to sneak up on you like a surprise midnight kiss, leaving your senses tingling and your heart pounding.

Our OnlyCocoa is not just a hot chocolate, it's an adventure in a mug. A bold, seductive concoction that's bound to leave you with a heated blush and a sly grin. It'll warm your bones, rev your engine, and leave you craving for more. One sip and you won't know what hit you.

So buckle up, buttercup, because, after a mug of our OnlyCocoa, you're in for a night that's hotter than a summer heatwave!

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