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DD Roasters ONS Panamanian Laurina Natural Single Pack

DD Roasters ONS Panamanian Laurina Natural Single Pack

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Rated PG -13 for Pleasurably Gluttonous. 

Introducing "One Night Stand - Panamanian Laurina Natural Single," the coffee that whispers temptation and tastes like a secret you can't resist. This premium single origin blend is a rendezvous with Panamanian Laurina beans, left in their natural state to create a brew that's as wild as it is alluring.

Picture this: Laurina beans, bathed in the tropical sun, their natural essence untouched and unabashed. This coffee is like a sultry night under the stars, where every sip is an invitation to indulge in the forbidden. The aroma? It's a seductive dance of fruity notes that lingers in the air, teasing your senses and leaving you craving more.

Brew a cup, and let the smooth body of this coffee caress your palate with flavors of tropical ecstasy and a sweetness that's almost scandalous. It's a Laurina affair, a taste so rare, it's like a whispered promise you can't help but explore.

Available in 1/2lb and 1lb pouches. 

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