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DD Roasters ONS Panamanian Icenberg Catuai Natural Single Pack

DD Roasters ONS Panamanian Icenberg Catuai Natural Single Pack

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Unveiling "One Night Stand - Panamanian Icenberg Catuai Natural," the coffee that's as daring as it sounds. This premium single origin blend is a rendezvous with flavor, a steamy affair between Panamanian Catuai beans and the natural allure of the Icenberg process.

Imagine the tropical allure of Panama, where the Catuai beans bask in the sizzling sun, creating a coffee so tempting it's almost sinful. Now, add the Icenberg Natural process – a chilling twist that transforms this blend into a cool, tantalizing escapade. It's a dance between fire and ice, a coffee experience that defies expectations.

The aroma? It's a seductive whisper, beckoning you into a world of unbridled pleasure. As you sip, the smooth body envelops your senses, revealing notes of wild berries and a hint of mischief. It's a flavor so daring, you'll wonder if you should be enjoying it in the dark.

Available in: 1/2 pound and 1-pound pouches. 

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