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DD Roasters ONS Panamanian Catuai BOP Single Pack

DD Roasters ONS Panamanian Catuai BOP Single Pack

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Indulge in the steamy allure of "One Night Stand - Panamanian Catuai BOP," where each sip is a rendezvous with ecstasy. These 100% premium single-origin Arabica Catuai beans from the heart of Panama are the Casanovas of coffee, promising a night of unparalleled pleasure.

With a dance of flavors that's nothing short of seduction, experience the sultry embrace of caramel, the teasing touch of citrus, and the lingering aftertaste of velvety chocolate. This coffee is not just a cup; it's a passionate affair that will leave you yearning for more.

But heed the call of desire, for this is a limited-time love affair. "One Night Stand" is the epitome of exclusivity, and once the last bean has been caressed by your grinder, the magic is gone forever. It's a rendezvous meant to be savored, a secret you'll share with your taste buds and no one else.

Available in: 1/2 pound and 1-pound. 

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