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DD Roasters Coffee BDSM Single Pack

DD Roasters Coffee BDSM Single Pack

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BDSM Blend  A City Roast of Tananian and Rwandan Beans
Rated NC-17 for “Nudging Caffeine-boundaries” 
Buckle up, this coffee won't just spank your palate, it'll have you begging for more! It rouses you from sleep, and catapults you into a state of caffeinated ecstasy, leaving your senses screaming for a repeat performance!  Always caffeinate responsibly - Remember, the safe word is: More!
A daring City Roast of Tanzanian and Rwandan beans. Remember the safe word!

Available in: 1/2 pound, 1 pound, 2.2 pounds, and Whole Bean or Ground, 


Orders are roasted and shipped within 24 hours, guaranteeing the freshest brew as everything is sourced and roasted to order.

Return policy

We can't take coffee returns since it's perishable, but don't worry! If you ever face issues or order mix-ups, just shoot us an email at within two days of getting your order. We will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied.

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