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C Cups (Keurig Compatible)

C Cups (Keurig Compatible)

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Our blends available in our C-Cups. Keurig Compatible!

Morning MILF Magic *NEW*
A Light Roast of Peruvian Beans Infused with Real Black Chocolate and Massioa Coconut
A tantalizing collaboration with Cherie DeVille, the ultimate MILF. This light roast of Peruvian beans is infused with real black chocolate and Massioa coconut, curated under Cherie's discerning eye.

Breakfast in Bed
A Light Roast of Guatemalan and Sumatra beans with real Ceylon Cinnamon and Nutmeg
Rated G for 'Get Up and Grind”
Forget the hangover because this blend is your secret weapon to combat the aftermath of a wild night. Fire up the coffee machine, clear the morning fog, and let's brew some magic!
A bright-eyed blend of Guatemala and Ethiopia beans, tickled with hints of genuine Ceylon cinnamon and nutmeg. So delightful, you'll want to eat, sleep, brew, repeat!
7 Sins Blend
A proprietary medium roast of 7 beans from South America, Central America, Africa and Asia
Rated PG-13 for “Pleasurably Gluttonous
These aren't your traditional sins; they're the tantalizing titillations of taste. Delightful, Daring, Delicious, Decadent, Smooth, Sultry, and Sexy - like a burlesque show for your mouth.
Our concoction of seven sinful beans from the hedonistic realms of South America, Central America, Africa, and Asia. It's a veritable globe-trot of gratifying flavors. So come on, take a sip on the wild side!
Dark Secret
An Italian Roast of Monsoon Malabar and Sumatra beans
Rated R for Ravishingly Robust
Dark, decadent, and downright sinful. This blend will coax your senses into sweet surrender and seduce you faster than a midnight rendezvous. But remember, mums the word! This secret brew will send tingles down your spine and make you question everything you thought you knew about coffee.
A bold, Italian roast of Ethiopian Sidamo and Indonesian Sumatra. Indulge, it'll be our dirty little secret!
BDSM Blend A City Roast of Tananian and Rwandan Beans
Rated NC-17 for “Nudging Caffeine-boundaries”
Buckle up, this coffee won't just spank your palate, it'll have you begging for more! It rouses you from sleep, and catapults you into a state of caffeinated ecstasy, leaving your senses screaming for a repeat performance!  Always caffeinate responsibly - Remember, the safe word is: More!
A daring City Roast of Tanzanian and Rwandan beans. Remember the safe word!
Doom's Whiskey Barrel Aged Sumatra
Rated XXX for "Xtra X-citing, X-quisite, X-plosive!"  
This coffee is so daring, it'll set your senses streaking! It's a tastebud skinny-dip in the waters of flavor town. A sinfully light roast that's a pure 'Oh my God!' in a cup.
This is what happens when innocent Indonesian Sumatra beans play hide-and-seek in a Doom’s Whiskey barrel; what emerged is a light roast that's pure, unadulterated coffee ecstasy.
Soft-Core Decaf
Decaf Swiss Water Decaffeinated Sumatra Beans
“Unrated - but dripping with desire.
 The full monty of flavor, minus the caffeine climax. It's like the teasing strip show of coffee!  How scandalous!
Sumatra Beans decaffeinated to perfection using the Swiss water process. Satisfaction guaranteed!



DD Roasters kicked off with some seriously good coffee. We're talking high-quality beans, small-batch roasted right before shipping – it's like coffee seduction in every bag. We built DD Roasters on the irresistible passion my hubby and I share for the art of craft coffee.


We're on a mission to hook you up with coffee that's not just hot but responsibly sourced, sustainably picked, and ethically delicious. Our 100% Arabica coffee beans are fair trade and ethically sourced.


Roasted and shipped within a cool 48 hours of your order. We've got a bunch of beans and roasts for you, adding that extra kick to your brew. Let's dive into the roast levels real quick:

  • Light Roast - Floral, fruity - basically a party for your taste buds. Retains more of the original bean flavors. Higher caffeine content.
  • Medium Roast - Balanced. Nutty and chocolatey. Extremely versatile.
  • Dark Roast - Intense. Smoky, charred - for those who like it hot and intense. Deep and comes with a bit of bitterness.
  • Espresso Roast - Dark chocolate. Robust, comes with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Just a rough guide. Beans, processing, and how you brew? Total game-changers. It's all about your vibe and taste buds.

Whole Beans/Ground Beans

When placing your coffee beans order, opt for either whole beans or pre-ground. Grinding accelerates bean deterioration, so for the finest coffee experience, we recommend selecting whole beans and grinding them at home using a coffee grinder.

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Our coffee beans are sourced, and craft roasted in-house. No third-party roasters or manufacturers. We roast and ship your order within 48 hours of ordering. Coffee quality is tested, scored and ranked by Vic, Dani, and their team of coffee roasting experts on the daily.


    Orders are roasted and shipped within 24 hours, guaranteeing the freshest brew as everything is sourced and roasted to order.


    Our resident coffee enthusiasts, Dani and her husband Vic, personally grade and select the most exceptional blends from the hundreds we try each month.


    Our 100% Arabica coffee beans are fairly traded and ethically sourced directly from farmers on different parts of the world.

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