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DD Roaster's Teas - Long Schlong

DD Roaster's Teas - Long Schlong

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I am obsessed with Lapsang Souchong! To me, it tastes like my favorite things, scotch, and cigars. The only problem was, I could never remember the name when I would try to order it! I kept calling it "Long Schlong," because I have a filthy mind, and the name just stuck. So, enjoy my own personally made blend of Long Schlong Tea, my favorite tea

Size: 15 Count

Steep 4-5 minutes in 212f water


Orders are roasted and shipped within 24 hours, guaranteeing the freshest brew as everything is sourced and roasted to order.

Return policy

We can't take coffee returns since it's perishable, but don't worry! If you ever face issues or order mix-ups, just shoot us an email at within two days of getting your order. We will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied.

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